Your vacation starts as soon as you open the front door of your home. The feeling of relaxation and tranquility is one of the most common reasons why people purchase a property in Spain. That is why it is important that your home is "vacation ready" upon arrival, feeling like you are arriving at a hotel.

When you rent out your home, it is extremely important that your home is clean when guests receive it. So that this contributes to an unforgettable holiday and they come back again next year.

In addition, you can offer your guests the option to have the property cleaned during the stay and to change the linen.

We ensure that the following activities are carried out in the living room, kitchen, bathroom (s) and bedrooms:

  • Dusting / wet removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Remove stains from doors and windows

In addition, we will sweep the terrace and collect the garden furniture.

Price quotation:

House size (number of bedrooms)
1 € 50,00
2 € 60,00
3 € 70,00
4 € 90,00
5 or more On request

Extra costs are charged for the following:

  • Cleaning the oven € 50,-
  • Cleaning BBQ € 50,-
  • Defrosting the freezer € 25,-

When we take care of your home, we will inspect the home so that we can guarantee our quality on our turnouts.

Deep cleaning:

If your home has not been used for a long time, or if it has been used intensively by the rental company, it is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning. Then the entire home is properly taken care of. We can then perform the following tasks for you:

  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning shutters (if possible)
  • Cleaning bars
  • Cleaning the doors
  • Cleaning bathrooms and cabinets thoroughly
  • Cleaning the kitchen and cabinets thoroughly
  • Defrost freezer and cleaning inside fridge

You can of course make your wishes known for this major cleaning so that we can take this into account. The costs of the major cleaning depend on your wishes, ask for a price quotation.

Prices on quotation


We ensure that the laundry is done and the beds are made. We iron the bed linen for you so that the bedroom looks immaculate.

Number of persons
2 € 15,00
4 € 30,00
6 € 45,00
8 € 60,00
10 € 75,00
More than 10 On request